Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Sheffield

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Here is a brief question and answer about Pete. For more info please email.

What you did before teaching Yoga?
Cofounded/managed Simunye Inter-cultural Community Co-operative

First Yogic Experience?
Self taught- first formal classes Iyengar style 1988 with Frances Holmewood

Years of Yogic Practice?
On and off 20 years including as an adjunct to my Aikido/Capoeira Angola training

When did you discover Ashtanga Yoga?
Introduced to it in 1996 while running Capoeira Angola workshops in Sheffield

Biggest yogic influence and why?
John Scott because I was touched by the incredible grace and power of his practice which I had only ever experienced before in Aikido

Why did you decide to teach?
Interest from friends to share what I was discovering in my early Ashtanga practice

What was it like when you taught your first class?
Natural progression as I already had several years running Capoeira Angola classes and assisting teaching Aikido in Berlin

What do you think is the most challenging asana?
Backbending work for me!

What is your favourite asana?
Handstands as they are turning my world upside down in my exploration of them

What is your advice to yogic beginners?
Regular practice with an open heart/mind and humility

What is the future of yoga in the West?
Integrating a deep practice in our culture without losing its spirituality/deeper meaning

Your most influential yogic guru today and why?
Pathabi Jois for Introducing and developing Ashtanga Yoga in the modern world

Best yogic read?
Right now Matthew Sweeney's Ashtanga Yoga As It Is but looking forward to Gregor Maehle’s book